About Us

AM Bespoke is committed to providing you with suits, shirts, topcoats, jackets and trousers designed and tailored to your personal specifications.

At first glance, an off-the-shelf product might look similar to a custom product, however, when you wear something specifically tailored to fit your body, you will notice that there is a world of difference.

And it will be noticed by others.

AM Bespoke delivers the finest handcrafted garments uniquely designed for the individual.

Your personal agent will work with you to establish your requirements, choose your preferred fabrics, and agree on the style, fit and design of your selected garments.

Your garment will then be cut and created by our highly skilled tailors. Your custom garment will be presented to you within a short while, ready to make you look and feel your best.

AM Bespoke was founded in South Africa in 2007.


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